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Welcome to Hashmo CLOUD MINING

The current investment market includes a myriad of effective instruments for investment. Each one is worthy of attention and each has its own advantages. Of course, there's no absolute ideal instrument that always yields a high and stable income without any risk. But there are some that will stand out among the others: To bring more stable and high incomes, will have lower risks and minimal investment. These are generally new, modern and more promising sources of income, which are emerging with the development of technology and the human way of life. One such new and prospective source of income, in our view, is Bitcoin, and specifically its production. For us, such source of income is absolutely perfect. In addition to absolute stability throughout the mining process, the income from the terminating growth in currency demand is constantly increasing.

Now we are providing an opportunity to mine bitcoin for ordinary people who want to earn a decent money on it. The production of cryptocurrency on our farms is not caused by constant noise, periodic inspection of the equipment and something else that may be uncomfortable. On the contrary, you're just renting the power of our computing machines, and from their mining, you get a profit while you're doing your own business. This is very handy because it can be handled by anyone who has no knowledge of this kind of occupation and the special equipment to recreate the mining process itself. Join us and begin to mine Bitcoin without any problems or discomfort.

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187.10 Ph/s

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6500 USD

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The last generation of ASIC processors and unique cooling are able to produce large amounts of currency quickly.

Protection of clients

You can be assured that Your confidential information will always be kept safe.

Investment Prospects

Demand of Bitcoin on the world cryptocurrency market is constantly increasing, and its cost is increasing accordingly.

Financial growth

Sustained high returns with minimal risks throughout the investment process.

Cooperation is based on honesty

Starting our line of business, mining bitcoin using computers, we did not provide our services on the Internet. But when we created such project, we decided it would be prudent to create a formal company, because people would trust us their investments. This has led to the registration of our Organization as an official company. Because we believe that people who will give us their money must understand clearly where they are investing, and that their investments will be safe and profitable. Trust and transparent business is nothing but a guarantee of strong and long-term cooperation. Invest with us and receive fair dividends.

Official registration

The business of our company is completely legal and strictly within the law of its place of registration. For more information, you can review the registration documents provided on our site or visit the official registration site.

Company address: Unit 14 Easton Business Centre, Felix Road,
Bristol, England, BS5 0HE

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Referral program HashMo Cloud Mining
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Information for Partners

A Partner program is a very efficient and easy way to get additional earnings without making a private investment. By distributing our link to social networks or anywhere else over the internet, there's a new potential investor who can bring you income in the future by acquiring power on our service. The purpose of this program is to have our company and our services learn as many people as possible. It's kind of very effective advertisement that we'll pay for.

- Distribute our link on the Web to new users.
- Get interest at the time they rent the power;
- Display funds for your personal account.

Customer Information

For the convenience of our customers, we have more than one payment system that we can use, both individually and collectively (the second option may be necessary in the case of referral system). When you have any questions or wishes, please contact our technical support whose contacts are listed below.

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